April Moriarty - Violinist

Meet April Moriarty: she’s a mom of 3 (& 2 little dogs), teaches violin in her home (for over 30 years), loves to play tennis when she can, but she is almost always creating music. When her mother realized that at age 4, April could plunk out melodies and harmonies on the piano by ear, she started her in piano lessons. At age 10, April added the violin. In her teens, she began teaching private lessons and playing professionally as a studio musician and member of a symphony. Due to her ability to play by ear, April began accompanying choirs and soloists with her own obligatos. She also began creating her own hymn arrangements for violin and piano (never imagining what she would be doing today). Upon her High School graduation, April was accepted to study with the assistant to Jascha Heifetz, with whom she studied for 5 years. She also studied in Switzerland, and performed throughout Europe. April later graduated from BYU. One of her favorite musical experiences was playing the summer season at the Hollywood Bowl under the baton of Leonard Bernstein. April has performed with musical greats such as Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zuckerman, and Lynn Harrell and with contemporary icons Donny Osmond, and Peter Cetera. She also recently enjoyed playing in a concert honoring Mack Wilberg, during which she played under the baton of both Craig Jessop and Mack Wilberg.

April frequently performs and records with Jessie Clark Funk, Dan Beck, Alex Boye, Sam Payne, Cherie Call, Marvin Goldstein, and many others. On stage and in studio, April is comfortable improvising in styles ranging from jazz/blues to sacred and classical.

“It’s more than just ‘playing by ear’. Somehow, the quality of April’s training and the rare gift of how she hears music has allowed her to become almost ‘intuitive’ as she performs with others.”

April and pianist Todd McCabe have collaborated on a series of instrumental CDs for violin and piano, entitled, "My Redeemer Lives".  Volume 1, "Calvary", Volume 2, "Galilee", Volume 3, "Bethlehem", and most recently released Volume 4 "Gethsemane: Peace & Hope Amidst Trial". Together, April and Todd have written over 50 original arrangements for violin and piano, with CDs and Sheet Music.

April is best known for her unique ability to both express and evoke deep emotions through her violin.

“I never cared for the violin until I heard April play.”

“April can play a ‘hush‘, which I’ve never heard from a violin before.”